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KB Translation Services, established in 2002, is a trusted provider of high-quality professional language services, including translation, proofreading and editing services at competitive rates. We specialize in facilitating seamless communication between European, African and Asian languages, such as French, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Afrikaans, Arabic and Chinese.



Our dedicated team comprises highly qualified and experienced translators who excel in translating exclusively from foreign languages (source language) into their native tongues (target language).

With their expertise, we guarantee accurate and culturally appropriate translations that preserve the intended meaning and nuances.



We possess extensive experience in a wide range of fields, encompassing general and technical translations, as well as specialised subject matters. Our proficiency extends to areas such as Ecology & Environment, Agriculture, Mining and Minerals, Advertising & Marketing, Travel & Tourism, Automotive, Import & Export, Patent, Legal and Medical. Regardless of the complexity or industry, we have the knowledge and ability to handle your unique translation needs.


Competitive Pricing

At KB Translation Services, we are committed to providing competitive pricing and ensuring timely delivery of all our projects without compromising on quality. Our translation agency understands that affordability is crucial for you, and strives to provide cost-effective solutions to meet your translation needs. Let us handle your translation needs while you focus on what matters most, which is growing your business.



Confidentiality is of paramount importance to us and we are more than willing to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure the utmost discretion. Our translation company believes in building strong partnerships with our clients and values open communication, responsiveness and a collaborative approach. By working closely with our clients, we aim to develop long term relationships based on trust and mutual success.

Partner with KB Translation Services today and experience unparalleled language services.


Highly qualified and experienced translators.



Comprehensive translation, proofreading and editing services.



Open communication and timely delivery.

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